Chris Koza: “Midnight Rose”

Yesterday I recieved a couple CDs that looked promising. Ironically, the one that I put at the last of the pile, Chris Koza’s Patterns, was by a great margin the best of the bunch. It’s a nice blend of folk and pop

MP3: Chris Koza – Midnight Rose
This song has kind of a Summerteeth-era Wilco mixed with Devin Davis feel to it. And why not? All three are basically just trumped-up singer-songwriters with at least some form of folk backgrounds. “Midnight Rose” certainly carries the contemporary folk-pop movement into an area that’s both accessible and entertaining.

Chris Koza on Myspace

So yesterday Dodge pointed me to the Desdemona Music Festival in Cincinnati. It’s a three-day festival that costs $24. Frankly, I’m thinking of going just to see We Are Scientists and not have to pay Arctic Monkeys prices. Anyone else thinking of going?

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