New Bishop Allen: “Flight 180”

Quick catch-up: Bishop Allen, the creators of the song this site was named after, are releasing an EP every month. They’ve completed and shipped off April to be pressed; here’s a sample from it.

MP3: Bishop Allen – Flight 180
Remember when you first heard “Corazon” and thought, “who IS this band?” “Flight 180” is like, but times ten. It’s not your traditional Bishop Allen fare. You won’t find any jangley guitars or tambourines. No, instead you’ll find a song that’s far more mellow and somber than any they’ve written to date.

I can’t decide how I feel about the intro to this song. On one hand, it’s hypnotic and inviting. Christian’s guitar is warm and Jack’s drums are faded expertly into the mix. On the other hand, it seems to continue a bit too long. The song doesn’t seem to pick up until the violin and piano make their sly entrance mid-way through the song. And while the lyrics are certainly nothing to snuff at–especially the repetition of “if you feel like dancing, dance with me”–they, too, don’t seem to have the full impact until the song gains momentum.

But if the song starts unevenly, it ends perfectly. It begins as a gentle haze, then crescendos into a fantatsic finale. The violin maintains an epic and energetic pace while the drums create the steady crash of excitement; all the while Justin cries out the the song’s chorus: “If you feel like dancing, dance with me!” Curiously enough, though, this chorus doesn’t offer the best example of the song. Sure, if reflects a reoccuring aspect of Bishop Allen songs: the solidarity of the lonely or wandering; but “Flight 180” seems best summed up the line “how disconnected I could feel on the ground.” Something about flight brings out a sense of calmness and tranquility to life. Even the biggest troubles in the world seem inconsequential from thousands of feet in the air.

“April” will be made available for purchase tomorrow. You can buy it here. (ps: if you don’t already own Charm School I must highly suggest that one)
Bishop Allen on Myspace

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