New Smoosh: “Find A Way”

Recent Barsuk signees, Smoosh, have just released a song from their new album, Free To Stay. The album, which is due out June 30th, features Cloe (12) on drums and Asya (14) on keyboards. I hate to sound old, but between them and the Arctic Monkeys, suddenly I feel like I should be in an indie nursing home.

MP3: Smoosh – Find A Way
Seriously, these vocals came from a 14-year-old? Most girls my age don’t have this kind of vocal maturity. Unfortunately it seems like Smoosh have moved into a little more “general” sound, rather than the quirky quality of She Like Electric that I fell in love with (the music! the music!). This could have something to do with the fact that the song clocks in at over three minutes; not all of which maintains the song’s overall quality.

Preorder Free To Stay

Anyone who lives in Lexington and is over 21 has no excuse not to go see The Essex Green, High Water Marks and The Melody Function at The Dame. Don’t know if you saw my article or not, but I’m pretty fond of their new album.

Don’t forget that today’s the last day to enter the Guillemots contest for the EP on vinyl or tickets to see them in NYC

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