Of Montreal: “A Cloud Crashes”

You’re going to have to excuse me on this one. Of Montreal posted a “new” song on their Myspace this past week, and I don’t have all the facts on it. Some fans are saying that it’s a cover of a Japanese band, but they changed the name. Unfortunately, The E6 Townhall is down right now, so I can’t refresh my memory on the band or song title (“Chopsticks,” maybe?). So for the time being, I’m going with it as if it were a completely new song.

MP3: Of Montreal – A Cloud Crashes
Kevin Barnes might very well be one of my favorite producers. Not only does Of Montreal have a distinct “sound,” but their songs are always packed to the brim with little things you won’t notice on the first, second or third listen. Take this song for example: at various times, it uses a range of guitar effects, a woodblock, and a piano that was so subtle I had to rewind the song a dozen times to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. The point is, Kevin doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. Every song, be it a new single or a cover for a Japanese-only compilation, is a canvas that won’t be complete until he’s put his fingerprint on it.

Bonus MP3: Of Montreal – Where Eagles Dare (Misfits cover)

Of Montreal on Myspace

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