Saturday Looks Good To Me: “Lift Me Up”

I first heard this Saturday Looks Good to Me song thanks to my friend Kathryn (who works for SLGTM’s record label, ironically enough). She had it streaming on her Myspace profile and I heard it while attempting to leave a humorous comment on her page. It’s bright, sunny and cute; so I just had to put it on YANP.

MP3: Saturday Looks Good to Me – Lift Me Up
Saturday Looks Good to Me are the sugar to The Grates’ spice. While it sounds like they stepped out of the golden era of pop music, there’s something decisively modern about their sound. “Lift Me Up” has a special flair that can only come from just the right combination of musicians performing just the right song. Is it musically complex? No. Is it groundbreaking? They’re no Radiohead. But it’s toe-tappingly good, and that’s all I want on a sunny Monday afternoon.

Saturday Looks Good to Me on Myspace
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