Thriller Covers

I just got back from local indie-Mecca, CD Central, and feel a bit like I just won some crazy lotto. I got Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Queen’s A Night At The Opera –both on vinyl– for a combined price of $8. So to celebrate, here’s two of the finest in modern music covering two songs from one of the finest albums ever.

MP3: Ben Gibbard – Thriller (live)
MP3: Belle and Sebastian – Billie Jean (live)
You know, I really can’t pick between these two. On the one hand, Ben’s cover scores major points by being interesting even though it’s just a solo, acoustic cover. Jackson’s version had a good hook to spice up a song that relies heavily on melody. In turn, Gibbard does a bit of fingerpicking to liven it up; plus, his voice is pure gold.

But it’s also important to give Belle and Sebastian their due as well. Stuart and the crew do a spot on rendition of one of the album’s biggest hits. And unlike Gibbard’s track, the audience goes insane when they realize what song it is. You can almost hear the smile on the band’s faces when the crowd joins in on the ooooh!

I would have posted that Flaming Lips cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but it saw an official release not too long ago. In lieu of that, here’s its video (NSFW).

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