Think About Life: “Paul Cries”

Lead by multi-instrumentalist Graham Van Pelt, Think About Life are the latest chapter in the “Ooooh, Canada!” saga of indie-rock. After only a couple shows, TAL were invited to tour with Wolf Parade, and will shortly be releasing their self-titled debut on Alien 8 Recordings (home to the now-defunct Unicorns).

MP3: Think About Life – Paul Cries
I love how all Canuck-rock sorta sounds like some other bands, but not enough to warrant calling copycat. Case in point, Think About Life kind sound like The Unicorns or Wolf Parade, but not enough to where I’d say it any more than in passing. Rather, it seems that TAL are at the forefront of the quirky art-pop movement that has seen a bit of a lull lately. And while the vocals could be pushed forward in the mix, the ‘ba ba da da da’s are enough to make up for that production oversight.

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