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I’d love nothing more than to tell you these are studio recordings. But hey, live’s almost as good, right? These two songs were performed on 4/08/06 and rock in that usual Wolf Parade sort of way. The titles are unknown, but these guesses are lifted from the person who I got them from.

MP3: Wolf Parade – Things I Don’t Know (title unknown)
MP3: Wolf Parade – Bones (title unknown)
Judging by these songs, the next Wolf Parade album might surprise a lot of people. “Things I Don’t Know” is a more beautiful–but still powerful–side of the band than Appologies.. let on; while “Bones” is a a twisted sort of waltz.

For those big WP fans out there, here’s the complete bootleg:

ZIP: Wolf Parade – 4/08/06 (61mb)
01 New song (Things I Don’t Know)
02 It’s a Curse
03 Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
04 Shine a Light
05 Grounds for Divorce
06 Dumb Animals (Handsome Furs track)
07 You are a Runner and I am my Father’s Son >>>
08 Fancy Claps
09 Modern World
10 New song (Bones)
11 We Built Another World
12 This Heart’s on Fire
13 I’ll Believe in Anything [Encore]
14 Secret Knives
15 Dinner Bells

There’s a good review of a Wolf Parade show at Pop Montreal.

You know who rules? The Secret Unicorns Forum. Also WRFL, as I’ll be DJing there in under an hour. If you’re up from 3-6am EST, check it out!

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