New Wolf Parade

New Wolf Parade

I’d love nothing more than to tell you these are studio recordings. But hey, live’s almost as good, right? These two songs were performed on 4/08/06 and rock in that usual Wolf Parade sort of way. The titles are unknown, but these guesses are lifted from the person who I got them from.

MP3: Wolf Parade – Things I Don’t Know (title unknown)
MP3: Wolf Parade – Bones (title unknown)
Judging by these songs, the next Wolf Parade album might surprise a lot of people. “Things I Don’t Know” is a more beautiful–but still powerful–side of the band than Appologies.. let on; while “Bones” is a a twisted sort of waltz.

For those big WP fans out there, here’s the complete bootleg:

ZIP: Wolf Parade – 4/08/06 (61mb)
01 New song (Things I Don’t Know)
02 It’s a Curse
03 Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
04 Shine a Light
05 Grounds for Divorce
06 Dumb Animals (Handsome Furs track)
07 You are a Runner and I am my Father’s Son >>>
08 Fancy Claps
09 Modern World
10 New song (Bones)
11 We Built Another World
12 This Heart’s on Fire
13 I’ll Believe in Anything [Encore]
14 Secret Knives
15 Dinner Bells

There’s a good review of a Wolf Parade show at Pop Montreal.

You know who rules? The Secret Unicorns Forum. Also WRFL, as I’ll be DJing there in under an hour. If you’re up from 3-6am EST, check it out!

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