Headlights: “Put Us Back Together Right”

This track comes to us from the fine folks at Polyvinyl, who show time and time again why they’re one of the finest indie labels out there. But enough with the blog/label love-fest, this is about the music! Headlights have penned a great piano tune that’ll be featured on a split with Most Serene Republic. Preorder it at Polyvinyl and sample it here.

MP3: Headlights – Put Us Back Together Right
Sure the vocals are great, and the piano’s probably the basis of the song; neither of these things are important right now. The point of reconstruction is best explained by the drums. With a steady stream of quick beats, Headlights audibly express feelings that lyrics can only hint at. And while the drums plow onward, the violin supports it in the way that a good friend might: never overpowering, but always present.

Preorder the Headlights/MSR split

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