The Kingdoms: “I Am Constellation”

While I search through UK’s schedule of classes to find some extra courses to bump me up to the minimum number of hours for next semester, here’s a tune to warm your heart. The Kingdom are from Portland, but remind me of the sunnier bands from Australia, or Manchester. Maybe I’m just a bit thrown off since my friend pointed out that it sounds like they have slight British accents. Curious.

MP3: The Kingdom – I Am Constellation
Pulling a play from Sufjan’s (and countless other people’s) playbook, “I Am Constellation” has a chorus of repetition that weaves its way in and out of the song. And while the melody isn’t always the best, it’s improved by the fact that they don’t try to hide it with too much production or too many layers of instruments. Most of the song is pretty simple, and it works better than they could have imagined.

The Kingdom on Myspace

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