Favourite Sons: “Always Be A Morning”

Not too long ago, I posted the song “No One Ever Dies Young” by The Favourite Sons and didn’t think too much more about it. Sure, I was curious how their upcoming EP would sound, but I can’t say that it ever occupied more than the back of my mind. Now that I’ve heard it, I feel pretty stupid for not having seen this coming.

MP3: The Favourite Sons – Always Be A Morning
If post-punk took one step back towards rock and added a dash of sentimentality, “Always Be a Morning” might be the result. The intro feels like a sedated and keyboardless Wolf Parade, but the lyrics and vocal work coupled together in one of my favorite performances of the year.

Preorder the “Treason” EP
The Favourite Sons on Myspace

Kevin has MP3s of The Boy Least Likely To on KCRW. This is looking like a good day.

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