Yo La Tengo Covers on WFMU

Still looking for me to upload those covers? Why not buy the best of them?

Sorry for the short post. It’s Easter and I’ve buried my nose in a book. That’s another good thing that’s come about recently–I’m reading for kicks again. I picked up a couple books today: High Fidelity, as I’d been told that the book’s miles beyond the film (so far this seems to be the case), Dave Eggers’ You Shall Know Our Velocity, which was basically snagged on name alone, and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Without stepping on Largehearted Boy’s toes too much, I’d be interested in getting a couple suggestions of novels to snag in time for summer. I usually lean towards strangely humorous fiction (Palahniuk is a favorite), but am really open to anything.

And in a similar vein of asking for help, I’d like help fulfilling my New Year’s resolution to read more blogs. Now’s your chance, guys; leave a link to your pet project in the comments. I feel like I’ve become disconnected from the ‘blogosphere,’ and feel more than a little guilty.

Happy Easter! “Real” post later tonight!

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