Bearsuit: “Steven F***ing Spielberg”

I finally got ahold of the title track to Bearsuit’s new single that was released this past week. It’s a bit schizophrenic and jumpy, but the string section alone makes for an interesting ride.

MP3: Bearsuit – Steven F***ing Spielberg
It’s always interested me what indie bands are able to do when they get enough money to start experimenting with instruments or production. As a casual fan of Bearsuit (translation: I had a handful of their songs from Team Ping Pong), I was surprised at the length and arrangement of “Steven F***ing Spielberg.” Not only does it crack the four-minute mark, but it also contains flutes, strings and other instruments that are, frankly, not what I expected. And while the song might suffere from a lack of direction at points, it all seems to come together in a blissful harmony for the choruses.

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