Rinocerose: “Cubicle”

This is that iPod commercial song. Don’t download if you’re too indie for your own good.

I fought it as long as I could, guys; but that new “1000 Songs” iPod commercial roped me in. After a little googling, I found the band which had stolen my brain with their hooks: Rinocerose.

MP3: Rinocerose – Cubicle
Fuzzy guitars cry out their distorted rattle underneath a singer who sounds like a British version of Jack White–sounds like the recipe for an iPod commercial song to me (for the record, the singer is a guy named ‘Bnaan’ from the UK band Infadels). The upside: it’s catchy and repetative; the downside: you’ll probably put the song on repeat and it’ll lose its magic within an afternoon. That’s the harsh reality that faces all ubercatchy tunes. But hey, is three minutes too much to ask from perfection?

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On a more personal note, I’d like to announce that I was recently selected to be the Promotions Director at WRFL. Basically this means I’m the guy in charge of booking all our shows for the next year. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity and have already contacted a couple bands about playing. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated about any shows we put on (almost all are All Ages).

Also, I just found out that I’ll be attending Bonnaroo. Yesterday was the best day ever.

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