Welcome Springtime

WHEW! This has been one of my longest mixes in the making. Most of it was me waiting for it to actually start to look like spring here in Lexington, KY. Yesterday was a glorious day and all the flowers were in bloom (like the pimp photo that I ran outside and snapped in like a second? I thought so). Anyway, this is a mix of songs that either are about spring/summer, or ones that make me feel about like the change in seasons does.As with every mix I make, I’ve left off tons of songs that would have fit perfectly on it. Leave ’em in the comments and we’ll all improve our mixes.

Welcome Springtime! mix ’06

MP3: ELO – Mr. Blue Sky
I’m not sure that there’s ever been a better tribute to the beginning of the warmer monhts. Electric Light Orchestra combine Beatles songwriting with Beach Boys-quality backup vocals to create an absolute classic.

MP3: Oh No! Oh My! – Walk in the Park
It seems like this little dittie makes its way onto all of my mixes these days–and rightfully so. “Walk In the Park” is a perfectly written, catchy song about just what the title suggests: strolling around on a beautiful day.

MP3: Grumpy Bear – Luis Bunuel
Part lazy stroller and part sunny rocker, “Luis Bunuel” covers the duality of spring. Part of it is laying back on the grass to watch the crowd; but it’s an emphatic blast of sunlight and energy too.

MP3: Apollo Sunshine – Today’s the Day
While each of these songs have a message that can be applied to spring, this is the only one with an actual moral. To quote the song: “if that grass looks fun to roll in, then roll in that f***ing grass!” It’s springtime, kiddies. Do what makes you happy. Go have a picnic at the lake or throw the frisbee around your college campus. Just get out and enjoy yourself!

MP3: Apples in Stereo – Shine a Light
Originally I was going to go with “Stream Running Over,” but I thought that “Shine a Light” was just a little bit more appropriate to the mix. The opening line that encourages us to go outside was just too good to pass up.

MP3: Architecture in Helsinki – It’5
There’s a reason the video for this song was shot on a playground: it’s too cute. Also, I firmly believe that AiH picked a great season to release In Case We Die (the album which this song comes from). The entire thing is excellent spring music.

MP3: Belle and Sebastian – Another Sunny Day
If you were to spend the entire day outside and then write a high quality song about it, this would be that song. All the best activities are covered: everything from flirting with girls engaged in gardening to playing soccer with your best buddies. But the best part is that it’s written WELL. I mean, I could sit down at the piano right now and bang out a lame song about throwing a frisbee, but B&S do it with their usual class and flair.

MP3: The Boy Least Likely To – I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star
I don’t know what about this song makes me put it on the list. All I know is that, as good as it was in the fall and winter, it’s a hundred times more enjoyable in the spring and summer.

MP3: Bright Eyes – Road to Joy
You might notice a striking similarity between this melody and “Joyful, Joyful.” Not only does it provide a striking contrast to the lyrics, but it’s just great for the type of build-up that Conor seems to have been going for. The lyrics might be a downer, but I stand by my decision to make this a springtime song.

MP3: The Cloud Room – Hey Now Now
Catchy and uplifting. This song is springtime all wrapped up, with an amazing chorus to boot.

MP3: Dressy Bessy – Who’d Stop the Rain
Yes, every spring is going to have a little rain as well. But if we can all be good little troopers like Dressy Bessy, maybe we’ll be puddle jumping instead of just moping about it.

MP3: The Decemberists – July! July!
Okay, fine. This should probably be a “summer” song if you go by the title alone. But the gentle hum of the build-up in the beginning is what always makes me think springtime. It’s a sunrise that you just know is going to lead into one of the most beautiful days of the year.

MP3: The Happy Couple – Another Sunny Day
I almost left this song off. Will you guys ever forgive me? It’s so lovey-dovey that the single among you you might have to induce vomitting. But hey, it’s springtime and young peoples’ interests turn to love.

MP3: Page France – Windy
As its name would imply, this song seems to float along on a breeze of whimsy. Also, the opening line could have been the name of this mix: “I believe in windy days.” So do we, Michael.

MP3: PAS/CAL – The Bronze Beached Boys (Come On, Let’s Go)
Ah, we’re getting into the fun part: spring break. This song is a delightful pop tune that requires no thought at all–just like vacation. Go and enjoy yourselves, folks; and let PAS/CAL be your soundtrack.

MP3: The Vines – Sunshinin’
The name alone is a no-brainer for an inclusion into this mix; but the guitar solo and repeated cries of “yeah!” sealed the deal.

MP3: Simple Kid – Staring At The Sun
Not only is this on here for the obvious sun reference, but also for another, more subtle reason: ya gots ta strut! This song will make you walk like you’re the indie version of Scarface. Not only are you the master of all you see, but you liked its earlier work better (and you have it on vinyl).

MP3: Starlight Mints – Popsickle
Another song that winds up on all my mixes. The reason? Well, it’s kinda perfect. But don’t tell Starlight Mints–they might get a big head about it.

MP3: The Triangles – Applejacks
I like to think that I did a decent job of keeping this a somewhat varied mix, when really I just wanted to put a dozen songs exactly like this one. It’s beautiful and it makes me every bit as happy as the first peeks of spring.

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