New Tilly and the Wall: “Rainbows in the Dark”

Tilly and the Wall’s new album, Bottoms of Barrels, is pretty delightful. It’s toe-tapping pop that’ll be a great addition to your spring album rotation.

MP3: Tilly and the Wall – Rainbows in the Dark
I remember how I was introduced. My friend Andrew and I went to see Bright Eyes about this time last year, and got there just as Tilly were starting their second(?) song. Nothing like a pleasent surprise as an opener, huh? It beat seeing the monstrosity that is Coco Rosie. Bleh. But I digress. “Rainbows in the Dark” isn’t really a change for Tilly or her Wall. It’s what they’ve been doing for about two years. But you know what? They’re darn good at what they do. And as long as they keep having quality songs put out, they can keep tapping, trumpeting and cheering as long as they want. This song makes me never want to go to sleep without my arms around someone I love.

This song is a free download from Team Love’s web site. I’m sure they won’t mind if I mirror it.

BONUS MP3: Tilly and the Wall – Bad Education

Preorder Bottoms of Barrels and get a limited edition 7″ for only $0.99!

Read a great Of Montreal interview. Well done indeed.

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