New The Robot Ate Me: “Djien”

Before I get started, let me say that The Robot Ate Me will be playing in Lexington on May 8th at Underlying Themes. Check their tour page to see if they’re headed to a theater near you. Unfortunately, I’m a little confused about the new album. I spoke to Ryland about it and he said basically what was quoted in today’s Pitchfork. Thanks to Sean for alerting me to this new song.

MP3: The Robot Ate Me – Djien
If The Unicorns had written about genies (and had a clarinet) back during their Unicorns Are People Too days, this would have been the result. But as weird as this song is, I can’t help but wish it were longer. Sure, it’s no “Bad Feelings,” but it’s got a nice little vibe to it. If you’re looking for another pop album (like I was), you might be a little let down; but if you’re open to it, then you just might find that you like it.
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