The Grates: “19-20-20”

Thanks to Chris for the heads up about the new album by The Grates. I had no idea that one was on the way! But hey, it gave me a great reminder that I’d never technically posted on them. You’ll have to forgive me for this grievous oversight

MP3: The Grates – 19-20-20
I wonder if Patience Hodgson was voted “Most Likely To Front a Spunky, Adorable Pop Band” in high school. Well, regardless of her peer’s opinion of her…she did go on to front that band. “19-20-20” is just the latest in what is becoming a saga of fantastic pop-rock tunes by The Grates. It’s like they went back in time to the ’60s, kicked pop music in the head, and proceeded to show them a brand new way of doing things.

BONUS MP3: The Grates – Sukkafish

The Grates on Myspace

While you’re in a Grates mood (excuse the pun?), feel free to listen to their interview over at Indie Interviews.

Oh, there are some great photos of Patience mid-air at BrooklynVegan. That girl’s a little ball of energy.

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