Pretty Girls Make Graves: “Pyrite Pedistal”

It’s only fitting that Elan Vital, the new album by Pretty Girls Make Graves, should come out in the springtime. I first got into them this time last year; so much like Pavlov’s dog I’ll probably associate them whith April. Let’s see if I start to salivate next time the seasons start to change.

MP3: Pretty Girls Make Graves – Pyrite Pedestal
It must be hard to be PGMG. On one hand, you rock harder than most male-fronted dance-rock bands; but at the same time, your lead vocalsists just so happen to have voices that are smoother than silk. Can you imagine what it’s like to sing over a driving bass line, when it sounds like you need to be singing in church? Well I’ll tell you what it’s like. It’s beautiful.

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