New Sure Juror Demo: “Making Friends Has Never Been So Easy”

Hot off the presses, it’s a new demo by New Jersey band Sure Juror. Actually, it’s not so new if you’re their myspace fan–but let’s just pretend. And trust me, if they keep up this level of output, they really will be making friends easily.

MP3: Sure Juror – Making Friends Has Never Been So Easy
I get this curious feeling that Sure Juror will wind up blowing us all away. Songs like “Making Friends…” are great in their own right, but also hint at the beginnings of something amazing. I mean, they’re already making quirky pop songs; can you imagine what they’d be able to once they really get into the swing of things? And hey, even if you’re not as smitten as I am, you’ve got to give them credit for the lyric “and page the cell phone number of the Beast.” Genius.

Sure Juror on Myspace

BONUS MP3: Sure Juror – The Drive Will Do You Good

Here’s an interesting article that I found on their blog: The End of the Blogosphere? (related tshirt: “Bomb the Blogosphere”)

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