New Toy Fight: “Minute Song”

French poppers, Toy Fight, might remind you a bit of a a lo-fi Boy Least Likely To. Which, I don’t know about you, but I find pretty darn appealing. They’re happy and a bit silly, but always manage to make me smile.

MP3: Toy Fight – Minute Song
It always amazes me when bands come right out of the gate with music that incorporates a wide variety of instruments. I can just picture bands like Toy Fight, Architecture in Helsinki, and The Boy Least Likely To attending music school classes like “Odd Instruments: From Xylophones to Beer Cans.” But however they become this skilled, their work has payed off immensely. “Minute Song” is an impressive work that just might bridge American-French relations. I doubt Bush’d be into it, though. He seems like more of a Toby Keith kinda guy.

BONUS MP3: Toy Fight – The Hidden Second

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