Guillemots: “Trains to Brazil”

When I went home for break, I got to catch up on all the cds that had been mistakenly mailed to my parents in the past couple months. By far my favorite of these miguided promos is Guillemot’s EP From the Cliffs. These guys are the real deal.

MP3: Guillemots – Trains to Brazil
Guillemots could very well be the Arcade Fire of pop music. Not so much the “it band” status. No, I’m talking about being a band that comes up and slaps all their contemporaries in the face with a sound that’s just so good, but also so obvious. The way that Guillemots write and record their songs just makes so much sense. It’s almost like they’ve stumbled across a new way to look at the same old thing. And for that refreshingly new perspective, I think we owe them big time.

Guillemots on Myspace
Stream the video for “Trains to Brazil”

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