Ivana C Demos: “Threads” & “First Train”

I can’t help but feel partially responsible for the marvel that is Ivana C. No, I didn’t write any of her songs; nor have I really had any contact with her at all. But I have been crying out for a Joanna Newsom alternative. Someone with her songwriting talent, but who doesn’t sound so….strange. Ivana is like the beautiful melding of Cat Power’s soft, sexy voice, with Joanna’s open-minded approach to songwriting and instrumentation.

MP3: Ivana C – Threads
MP3: Ivana C – First Train (real title unknown)
“Threads” finds Ivana sounding more like a jazz seductress than a twenty three year-old from Brooklyn. Her voice has a depth and maturity that far surpasses her age. But if “Threads” sets us up for a big surprise, “First Train” bowls us over with just that. Unfortunately the latter’s title is a a poor guess from me. But the amazing thing is, these songs are both just demos. Someone get this girl a record deal and the cover of CMJ, stat!

Ivana on Myspace

YANP was down for about five hours today. Sorry for the trouble, guys. If you’re still sore about it, go here to download all the demos from Of Montreal’s Coquelicot.

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