New Spoon: “Target”

This is a recording of a new Spoon song that was played yesterday and today at SXSW. While its first appearance, apparently, was played with a full band, this recording is of just of Britt performing it.

MP3: Spoon – Target (Live @ Pok-E-Jo’s 3.17.06)
I can’t help but shake the feeling that “Target” (as my friend and I are calling it) is going to be a killer song when everything’s said and done. I just just hear the crashing drums, thumping bass line and maybe even a guitar hook to draw us in. But right now, well, it seems alittle dry. Britt does a good enough job for a solo performance, but it seems like he’s not really comfortable with it yet. I guess we can consider this a preview of great things to come.

Note: I’m no expert in Spoon’s discography, but neither my friend nor I had ever heard this song before. Feel free to tell me if it’s not exactly new.

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