New Elf Power: “An Old Familiar Scene”

While most of the fans at Elf Power’s forums seem in love with their new album, I’m not sure that I’m convinced yet. Back to the Web is a layered entanglement of strings, drums and Andrew’s silky voice. But even so, I think I might prefer the rocking Elf Power to the folk-rocking Elf Power.

MP3: Elf Power – An Old Familiar Scene
Individually, all the parts of this song aren’t that impressive. The drums are fairly standard, the vocals are only a lilttle above par for Elf Power, and violin’s portion isn’t particularly inspired. But for some reason, “An Old Familiar Scene” just works. I guess more than anything, we should chalk its success up to the expert arrangement. You can tell that this was not a chord progression whose supplimenting pieces were hasily thrown together. The mystical-sounding instrumentation compliments lyrics that are both haunting and powerful.

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