New Page France: “Antarctica (My Beloved Home)”

Longtime readers of YANP will no doubt know of my constant, almost fanatical, support of the Maryland band Page France. Actually, if you’ve read this site for more than a week, you’ll know that. Anyway, this is the second of two new songs I’ve posted. The first coming from their EP Pear, and this from the its twin, Sister Pinecone.

MP3: Page France – Antarctica (My Beloved Home)
Adding that keyboard might be the best move that Page France has ever made. Its subtle support adds so much to a song that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. But not only is it musically appealing, but the lyrics maintain the freshness that Page France are known for. “Antarctica” is part regret and part nostalgia–all wrapped up in something beautiful.

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More news on that release that Page France are doing with Anathallo: it’s not a split. Both bands worked together to record the two songs. There’s a litle more information that I have, but to quote Michael, I don’t want to “let the cat out of the bag” too soon.

On an unrelated note, someone emailed me to say that I had to check out this Livejournal group where people send in secrets. It’s kinda like PostSecret. Well, much to my surprise I found that this was the reason that I’d been sent there. That’s wild.

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  1. that’s equal parts pathetic (on their part) and awesome (on yours). Internet studs are the best.

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