New Pants Yell!: “Easy Way To Be Cruel”

Asaurus Records is well deserving of our love and respect. In an age when tiny indie labels are a dime a dozen, these guys are putting out some of the most ear-pleasingly good albums–and they’re doing it by themselves. Pants Yell!’s new album, Recent Drama, sees the band at their finest yet. I’ll consider it to be nothing short of a crime if this album doesn’t get these kids the attention that they deserve.

MP3: Pants Yell! – Easy Way To Be Cruel
I’ve heard complaints that Pants Yell! are too “plain.” While I don’t agree with this assessment, I can see why someone might use that word to label their past material. But after listening to Recent Drama, I can safely say that it seems like PY! have put that terrible term to rest. Songs like “Easy Way to Be Cruel” are a great combination of Shins-style lyrics mixed with a musical approach that harkens to the kings of nu-twee, The Lucksmiths.

Buy PY!’s previous two releases for $8

If you’ll be in Dallas this Friday–go to Chris from GvB’s concert. Tapes ‘n Tapes, man. Tapes ‘n Tapes.

If you’ll be in Lexington this Friday and are above 21 years of age, you should go see Man Man at The Dame. I’m prepared for a wild time.

4 thoughts on “New Pants Yell!: “Easy Way To Be Cruel””

  1. I got their 7″ and album the first time you talked ab out them. Though I do like them, this song is a lot better than their older stuff! I’m really excited for their Paper Cities release! (Hopefully, it will also be on vinyl!)

  2. tapes ‘n tapes are playing at the gorilla vs. bear show in dallas at the cavern on friday, not in austin, just to let you know.

  3. Matt, it’s all your fault that I spend all of my spare cash at Asaurus. But, thanks for turning me on to them! Pants Yell especially, I can’t wait.

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