Hip Hop Radiohead Cover Gets Video

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Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald have done Radiohead justice. In a world where people have committed murder on some beautiful songs, Ronston, a NYC DJ, and Greenwald, vocalist for Phantom Planet, are responsible for something beautiful. Loaded with sounds of brass, their “Just” cover walks the line between hip hop and the rocking version of the original.

Eventually to be featured on the tribute album Exit Music for Radio Heads, “Just” has been given the video treatment. Set against a backdrop of London graffiti come alive, this video expands upon a song that elaborated upon the original. The trumpet solo is enough to give me chills.

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Now the tragic part, I don’t have the MP3. If anyone out there has it, could they email it to thatkid@gmail.com ?

2 thoughts on “Hip Hop Radiohead Cover Gets Video”

  1. FluxBlog has it. I love the cover, perhaps even more than the original. I’m kind of burnt out on radiohead. Yeah they are amazing, but blah.

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