New Helvetia: “Beezlebub (Leave Me Be)”

I had another one of “those days” today. Not only did I only get three hours of sleep last night, but today it seemed like every band I listened to was as boring as boring could be. Thankfully I picked up my packages and had the new Helvetia album The Clever North Wind waiting for me.

MP3: Helvetia – Beezlebub (Leave Me Be)
Yup. That’s how it’s spelled. I checked and double-checked the package and ID3 tag. But in spite of their strangely titled song, “Beezlebub” isn’t half bad. Granted, it took me three or four listens to really appreciate it, but it’s a grower. Somewhere between a spaced out lullaby and and springtime pop hit there’s a hole waiting to be filled by this song.

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Helvetia on Myspace

Bonus MP3:
Secret Machines – Lightning Blue Eyes
Secrect Machine’s newest song was too good to ignore, but not quite enough to get its own post.

Chromewaves has The Wedding Present covering the Cheers theme song. Wicked, Frank.

Check out Belle and Sebastian on Conan over at Sixeyes.

Oh, I got the new Islands album today. While I’d love to post what has quickly become one of my favorite songs of the year, “Where There’s a Will There’s a Whalebone,” I won’t because I promised not to. Nick left a comment on my site when I posted “Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby” and said not to post any of the leaked tracks from the new album. Granted, the song had been off my server for over two weeks when he posted that, the point still stands. So don’t take my lack of mp3s as a lack of support for Islands. I love the new album and encourage you all to check it out.

6 thoughts on “New Helvetia: “Beezlebub (Leave Me Be)””

  1. so, how was the page france show…..? they’ll be in my neck of the woods this weekend, i want to know if i should go…any recommendations?

  2. They were amazing. I can’t suggest their live show enough. Michael Nau is one of the best singers I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos or I would have done a review. Maybe I’ll tack on a little mention on my next post.

  3. ahh, randomly…

    there’s an old Soul Coughing tune entitled “Bus to Beelzebub”. notice the switch of the ‘l’ and the ‘z’.

    either one is a great tune :-)

  4. the new Islands cd is amazing.
    The only rap I will listen to (not to dance to, as with any other rap besides Th’Cornn Gang) is that song.
    I have it classified as indie rap on my iPods genres thing!

    Question: I have a basic blog through blogspot but I want to be able to do the small album thing on the side bar, how do I go about coding that and where in the template editor (text style editor right?)

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