Eagle and Talon

Sorry for the (very) late post today. My friend Samantha and I went to the Vagina Monologues last night and then went to DJ at WRFL from 3-6am. It’s been a busy night. But thank goodness Eagle and Talon had emailed me yesterday, or I might not have anything for you on this fine Sunday!

MP3: Eagle and Talon – Dropped Down
Sounding like an interesting mix between modern rock and weirdo indie girl-pop, “Dropped Down” was just quirky enough to get stuck in my brain. They remind me a bit of a poppier Veruca Salt.

Sorry for the short post, but it’s time to hit the hay. Sunrise is God’s way of saying “shouldn’t you be in bed?” Hopefully I’ll see you guys at the Page France show tonight!

One thought on “Eagle and Talon”

  1. I hope the Page France show was as good as I imagine it was. I wish they were coming within 6 hours of my neck of the woods…maybe next time. Either way, I imagine the show at The Dame would be one of the better dates on the tour.

    PS…I usually come to your site from the link on your MySpace account. It still links to the old blog. Just thought you should know.

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