New Tshirt and Web Site

Not even the pink links could ruin my day today. You know why? Because I got the You Aint No Picasso shirts in the mail today! I know I kept kinda mum about them on the site, but it was only because I didn’t want to raise anyone’s expectations.

Let me explain how this will work. I’ve got about 16 shirts left to distribute to people I know personally. After I get all that squared away, then I’ll go through a couple weeks of figuring out how to set up the taxes and paypal stuff. After that’s all over with, then I’ll open up to internet orders. I don’t know how or when this will happen, but hopefully it’ll be soon.

Oh, before anyone bites my head off–I’m not looking to make any money off this. I made a short run for my friends, and had a lot of my online friends ask how they could get one. My objective is just to get a YANP shirt to everyone who wants it. If this goes well, I’ll see about doing another run with a non-black background color.

If anyone’s interested, the front image is Keith from We Are Scientists. You can see the original photo here.

My new website is done. Please connect using this address from now on:

I’ll continue to update them both for about a week, just to make sure that no one gets lost in the shuffle. But if you could just update all your bookmarks and links, that’d save us both a lot of time.

And on a music-related note: is anyone going to Mogwai tonight?

8 thoughts on “New Tshirt and Web Site”

  1. Congrats on the new site! and the shirts look great. do you need pins?

    i just went through the trouble of registering to post comments here. that shows that i do not possess a fear of commitment like your average fly by night johnny come lately commentors. for real.

  2. 1. You will be having a working RSS link on the new site one day soon?
    2. That t-shirt isn’t a guy taking a leak, is it?

  3. It’s pretty cool, and I’d consider getting one, but I’m not sure if I’d want something with a picture of We Are Scientists on it. I don’t really like them at all.

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