New Ambulance LTD: “New English”

“New English,” which is not to be confused with any new slang, is the single from Ambulance LTD. As any fans of theirs might have come to expect, this one is a skillful mash-up of pop and blues. The New English EP will be hitting stores (well, indie stores anyway) on March 14th, complete with new songs, demos, and a Pink Floyd cover.

MP3: Ambulance LTD – New English
While I like the blues as much as the next guy, I think that they can get a little boring at times. Thank goodness for Ambulance LTD. Much like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, they take the basic framework of a blues song, but completely warp it into a catchy masterpiece. “New English” is sure to win your hearts during the spring months.

Ambulance LTD on Myspace
Buy the New English EP

Okay, here’s why I’ve not been posting as much lately. If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m moving to Everything is ready to be fully switched over to that website, except for one thing: the link color. I can’t figure out why the vlink color is that terrible pink. If any of you have any experience with php or css, I’d love to get an outsider’s help. My friend who’s been helping me is at a bit of a loss too. So If you can help, I’d be happy to send you my style sheet for you to take a look at. If you fix it, I’ll send you cds or pay you.

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  1. Think I found it! If I’m right, it’s not in your stylesheet, it’s on the page.
    You have a tag with references heavy on the red :- a:link EE8BA4 & a:visited #FFCCCC).

    Hope that solves it….

  2. Hello there. I’m concerned ’bout yr problem. If you’re using Microsoft Front Page, go to the “format” option (it’s between the “Insert” and “tools” options up there). Then choose “style” and choose “a:link”. Then “modify”, “format” and “Font”. Change the color and there you go. Hope this is not very confusing and helps you out. Keep the good work!



  3. Hello there! I’m concerned bout yr problem and if you’re using the Microsoft Front Page, the I can give you some advice. First, go to the “format” option (up there between the “insert” and “tools” options). Choose “style” and there you’ll have the options for changing the fonts and colors of your links. Just click on the “modify” option and then “format”. Choose font and there you go. Hope this is not very confusing and helps you solve this HTML puzzle. keep up the good work!



  4. NannyOgg is pretty much right. Looking at your stylesheet and your blogspot site, you may actually want to remove the entire <style /> block, since you redefine all of them in your theme page.

  5. Thanks for all your help, guys. I finally found the culprit. The left sidebar had some adjustments to the links that were messing up the whole page. Feel free to let me know if you think any of the colors should be changed or whatever. I’m open to criticism about the site at this time.

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