She Cannot Do The Smurf

I had intended to put up a mix today, but let’s just say it wouldn’t be fitting. Hopefully tomorrow will be more suitable for the theme. For now, here are two songs that have been taking over my ipod.

MP3: A.C. Newman – Secretarial
I walked around Lexington for almost three hours yesterday in what can only be described as the most perfect weather. As I put up fliers for the Page France show at the Dame, I rocked out to A.C. Newman’s superbly crafted album, The Slow Wonder. Not since I saw him at Intonation have I realized what an amazing song “Secretarial” is. It’s got the Modern Lovers cool to it, but mixed with the pop goodness of late-career XTC. I’d even go so far as to say that this is is his best mix of melody and rhyming. And with Carl, that’s really saying something.

MP3: Rilo Kiley – Frug
I used to be mad at Garden State. After all, how could you not hate a guy who has such good fortune that beautiful women come up and present him with life changingly great songs? Yesterday I got to be that guy. My good friend Emily sent me this song, which she described as her “theme song.” Guys, if you want a peek into the inner thoughts of an adorable girl, here’s your chance. Jenny Lewis is positively the peak of adorability, and this song is one of the cutest that she’s ever been involved with.

Apparently one of the publications on UK’s campus will be running an article/interview that I did with Page France. I might become a semi-regular contributer for them, so be sure to keep an eye out in future editions. I’ll be posting the article on my site tomorrow (as I’d planned to do, strangely enough); so those of you who don’t attend the University of Kentucky can read it as well.

A new Andrew Bird song? I haven’t downloaded it yet, but if it’s anything as good as the description sounds, it’ll be wonderful.

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