The Essex Green Tour Dates

The Essex Green, in anticipation of their new album, Cannibal Sea, have announced a string of new tour dates. What’s that you say? Why yes. There is a date in Lexington, Kentucky. Thanks for asking. But even if you can’t make it, here’s one of my favorite songs of 2006:

MP3: The Essex Green – Don’t Know Why (You Stay)

Essex Green Tour Dates
Apr 27 8:00P The Dame Lexington, KY
Apr 28 8:00P Subterranean Chicago, IL
Apr 29 8:00P Turf Club St. Paul, MN
May 2 8:00P Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA
May 3 8:00P Holocene- Portland, OR Portland, OR
May 4 8:00P The Dip Redding, CA
May 5 8:00P The Attic Santa Cruz, CA
May 6 8:00P Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, CA
May 7 8:00P Spaceland Los Angeles, CA
May 8 8:00P Solar Culture Gallery Tuscon, AZ
May 10 8:00P T.B.A. Austin , TX
May 11 8:00P T.B.A. Dallas, TX
May 12 8:00P T.B.A. Houston, TX
May 13 8:00P T.B.A. Jackson, MS
May 14 8:00P T.B.A. Chattanooga, TN
May 16 8:00P Black Cat Backstage Washington D.C., DC
May 17 8:00P The Khyber Philadelphia, PA

The Essex Green on Myspace

The M’s: “Mansion in the Valley”

I’m on a huge The M’s kick right now. I just got Future Women and am loving every minute of it. Also, it compliments my rediscovery of T Rex quite nicely. I picked up Electric Warrior on vinyl today. Between those two albums, it’s been pretty rough for any other bands to get any ear-time.

MP3: The Ms – Mansion in the Valley
Today was the most beautiful day ever. A group of my friends and I went outside and played four-square in front of our dorm and played my “Welcome Springtime” (I swear it’ll be put online soon). I’m just kicking myself for not adding “Mansion in the Valley” to it before I dashed downstairs. I mean, this has everything you need on a beautiful spring day: a stompingly simple guitar part, a well crafted melody, and some soaring vocals thrown in for good measure. I don’t know what mystic vault these kids opened up, but if their next album is half as good as this one, we’re in for a treat.

The M’s on Myspace
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New Bishop Allen: “Monitor”

Here’s the newest song from YANP favorite (and namesake), Bishop Allen. They appear to be going strong with their one-EP-a-month project. January and February were gems, and March just might be a diamond.

MP3: Bishop Allen – Monitor
I never thought of Bishop Allen as a romantic band until they started this project. Sure, they sing songs about companionship and solidarity, but there’s a difference between being in love and being a romantic. But as songs like “Corazon” and “The Monitor” keep creeping up on us, I think we might be getting a deeper look at the boys behind the band.

“The Monitor” is a song of two sides. In the first portion, Justin Rice tells the true to life story about the Civil War ship from which the song draws its name. Men that were on the ship, at that battle, and who were thankfully to be alive afterwards. After a chorus of “la de da”s, the real meat of the song begins. Inner questioning and the band itself provide an interesting parallel to the bloody war. Justin ponders his courage while Christian Rudder experiments with his delay pedal in what could be the band’s biggest instrumental success since the inclusion of the piano–which, by the way, has finally been integrated to the point where I wonder how they ever got along without it.

Unfortunately the EP is not yet for sale. I’ll be posting as soon as it is, however. In the mean time, I suggest that you friend Bishop Allen on Myspace.

The Glass Family: “This Is Impossible”

I hate Texas and I hate Chris from Gorilla vs. Bear*. Not the “kill whoever made that movie Benchwarmers” kind of way. No, I’m talking about good ol American jealousy. Texas gets all the cool stuff and I’m sick of it. The Glass Family are yet more proof that Texas is the new Canada.

MP3: The Glass Family – This Is Impossible (link fixed!)
The glass family are like Captain Planet. Add some firey drumming, a rocking bass, a flowing piano line, and a dash of heart and this could very well be the result. I guess once they find some windy instrument, they’ll be set to really show off. I can’t imagine how handy Captain Planet will be in the recording studio, but hey–that’s their job, not mine.

The Glass Family on Myspace

But you know what? It’s a big day for Lexington. The Parlour Boys won a huge contest with Verizon. Let’s just say they rock and you’ll have to read the article.

*just kidding Chris ;) Please don’t beat me up!

New Flaming Lips Video: “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song”

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really think this video looked very good when Stereogum posted pictures from it. But hey, what do I know? Turns out that it’s actually funny. Wayne with the wolfman is priceless.

Stream The Flalming Lips – The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (MOV)

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Moz Boycotts Canada, Has Sex Instead?

According to a post on True To, Morrissey will not be playing any shows in Canada on this tour because of a “barbaric slaughter of over 325,000 baby seals.”

As you might have guessed, Canadian fans are pissed. Maybe it’s the lack of shows, or maybe it’s this last minute barb that he stuck into the Canadian government: “If you can, please boycott Canadian goods….As things stand, Canada has placed itself alongside China as the cruelest and most self-serving nation.” Ouch.

In other (stranger?) news, The Guardian thinks that the Moz is having sex now. Compare that with this Salon article from two years ago which seemed to confirm the idea that he still wasn’t doing the nasty.

Hail Social: “Warning Sign”

I had my first audio fatality on Monday. I was catching up on some promos that had been sent to my parent’s house, when it happened. The victim? Hail Social’s new 7″, “Warning Sign.” Luckily Seth from Polyvinyl was able to hook me up with a nice MP3, so consider this both a memorial and a celebration.

MP3: Hail Social – Warning Sign
I can’t put my finger on why, but I keep feeling like I’m listening to a futuristic version of The Cure. Hail Social have got some powerful, lyrics and some dark instrumentation. But the question is, do they have the haircuts? If you’re going to be dark and rockin, you’ve got to have the hair to back it up. Nobody can top Robert Smith’s ‘do.

Hail Social on Myspace
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The M’s: “Plan of the Man”

I ran across The M’s today while listening to KEXP to catch Page France’s instudio. They played “Mansion in the Valley” right before T Rex’s “Jeepster”–quite a good move on their part, as some more zealous rock critics have been drawing a comparison between the two more often than not. While I don’t (yet) have a copy of “Mansion…” here’s one that’s about as good and is also from their newest album, Future Women

MP3: The Ms – Plan of the Man
I feel like…I needed to hear The M’s today. I wasn’t in a bad mood, but it was kind of a bland sort of day. But once I got back to my room and threw on The M’s, it wasn’t that bad. Before you ask, yes they sound a good bit like T Rex. Catchy, memorable and rocking…I have no problem with the idea that they might one day reach T Rex levels; but right now, let’s just sit back and enjoy a good song, without worrying about who’s heir to what throne.

The M’s on Myspace (stream “Mansion in the Valley” It’s great and I’ll be posting it soon)
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Grizzly Bear Tour Dates

MP3: Grizzly Bear – Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes cover)

Grizzly Bear Tour Dates
3/29 — Charlottesville, VA — Satellite Ballroom
3/30 — Raleigh, NC — NC State Talley Student Center
3/31 — Atlanta, GA –The Earl
4/01 — Gainesville, FL — Common Grounds
4/02 — Orlando, FL — The Social
4/03 — Tallahassee, FL — Club Downunder/Florida State University
4/05 — Chapel Hill, NC — Local 506
4/06– Norfolk, VA — Relative Theory Records
4/10 — Brantford, ONT — The Ford Plant
4/11 — Kingston, ONT — The Grad Club
4/12 — Waterloo, ONT — The Starlight Club
4/13 – Toronto, ONT – Drake Hotel
4/14 — Hamilton, ONT — The Casbah
4/15 — Wakefield, QUE — Black Sheep Inn
4/16 — Montreal, QUE — Club Lambi
4/17 — Montreal, QUE — Club Lambi
5/02 – Hamilton, ONT — TBA
5/03 – Barrie, ONT– TBA
5/04 – Toronto, ONT – The Music Gallery (Over the Top Music Festival)
5/05 – TBA