Ted Leo Releases Two New Demos

(found via Punknews.org)

Indie rocker, Ted Leo, has released two new demos on his band’s official website. “Army Bound” and “Some Beginner’s Mind” will most likely see rotation on the band’s upcoming tour–dates for which can be found here–and be featured on their upcoming album.

MP3: Ted Leo – Army Bound (demo)
While the lyrics are great in this song, it really doesn’t get going until the bass gets a lead role at a little before the minute mark. It’s been a while since Ted used his bassist to the band’s advantage, and I think it pays off well for them here. Granted, it’s not exactly the song’s focus; but it definetely spices things up a bit.

MP3: Ted Leo – Some Beginner’s Mind (demo)
I can’t make up my mind about this song. It doesn’t immediately grab me; but at the same time I feel like it has the potential to surpass “Army Bound” when all’s finished. I can’t really make out Ted’s lyrics very clearly, and they’ve always been one of his strongest skills. Once they even out the levels so his vocals are more clear, I think this could be a nice little song.

Dodge has photos from a Voxtrot show. That reminds me that I kinda forgot to point you to this wonderful song. Thankfully, every other blog in the world covered it, so no big deal.

MP3: Voxtrot – Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives

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