Thao Nguyen: “Tallymarks”

I’d like to wish a special hello to anyone who might be reading my website for the first time today. The Kernel, one of the papers on UK’s campus, should be running a story about my website today. I tried to pick a particularly good song to feature, so as not to scare off any new faces.

MP3: Thao Nguyen – Tallymarks
Mix a little bit of Ani DiFranco’s spunk and guitar ability with the softness of Sufjan and you’ll have a good idea where Thao is coming from. “Tallymarks” is miles above your standard singer/songwriter fare. Great lyrical wordplay is complimented by some beautiful, fingerpicked guitar and a voice from heaven. I don’t know if any of you keep “sleep” mixes on your media player of choice; but this one’s so beautiful and relaxing that you can’t help but include it.

Visit Thao’s website

For those of you in Lexington, don’t forget that Eef Barzelay is playing a free show at CD Central tonight at 6pm. If you need to, now’s your chance to stream songs from his new album.

According to this article on Better Than Fudge, Arrested Development has been picked up by Showtime for 12 episodes. Other sources are saying that it’s still a 50/50 chance. I think the fact that I’m wary of this is because of Family Guy. I loved the pre-cancelation seasons, but now it’s just terrible. But if AD can keep up their level of quality, then I’m all for it. For now, just make do with this animation.

Stereogum has a new Fiery Furnaces song. I turned down a chance to get the album yesterday after the let-down that was RMC.

8 thoughts on “Thao Nguyen: “Tallymarks””

  1. I disagree on the new family guy eps. People just think they suck because they’re compaing them to episodes that they’ve watched 5-10 times on dvd. Thinks always look bad when compared to the past.

  2. WOW! The Kernel needs some new fact-checkers, half their info was wrong. I think you must’ve lost a few credits to still be a freshman, writing “It” Ain’t No Picasso

  3. The new Family Guy episodes drag out one-joke characters from seasons two and three as if to say “remember these guys? remember how you laughed at the greased-up deaf guy? what about the sea captain with no arms or legs? huh? huh?” That’s not funny. They need new jokes and to stop referencing themselves.

    Dang Cam, that’s pretty bad. I need to go pick up a copy of this poorly researched article. Calling me a freshman I can understand (though I made numerous references to when I was at UK last year), but to get the name of my site wrong? Jeez.

  4. I agree that family guy was referencing itself a lot at the beginning of the season, but they’ve stopped it now. The football episode was one of the funniest I’ve seen of any season. Shipoopi.

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