Paper Airplanes: “Curious Phantasm”

Other Matt from Skatterbrain has been promoting this song to everyone he knows–and for good reason. You can read his post here. He goes a bit more in depth than I do (Sorry. It’s late).

MP3: Paper Airplanes – Curious Phantasm
This song has just a hint of what’s popular right now. You know what I mean. That Interpol swagger coupled with the Franz Ferdinand sound. Paper Airplanes aren’t even close enough to but considered in the same vein as the Futureheads or We Are Scientists, but the point is that they’ve got the same spirit. Much like YANP-favorites We Are Scientists, they don’t really seem to care how they’re labeled so long as the music’s good. Maybe that’s why they weren’t afraid to experiment within this song. The bridge is one of the most rocking musical selections I’ve heard all year. Tell me you didn’t get a little swing in your step when you heard them hit the line “when lightning strikes the house, we’ll be in it.”

According to a press release I just got, The Apples in stereo hope to have their next album out in the fall. Not only that, but they are planning on releasing a children’s album in 2007. Was today awesome? Yes it was.

Just a reminder that Page France will be playing an 18+ show in Lexington, KY on March 5th. They’ll be supported at The Dame by local favorites Petticoat, Petticoat. While I can’t comment on it yet, there might also be another great band in the lineup. The point is, you can’t beat this for the price ($6).

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  1. Oh wow; I’m amazingly excited that Paper Airplanes are featured here; I’m from Wichita, their hometown and, they’re definitely worth a listen- if you’ve ever the chance to see them perform, definitely do so.

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