New Stereolab: “Eye of the Volcano”

Remember when I confessed that I’d never listened to XTC and everyone pitched several fits? Well get your pitchforks ready (pun intended), because I’ve never heard Stereolab either. The band’s new album, Fab Four Suture is a wonderful collection of songs. Half of the songs were released last year as singles, and half are as-yet-unheard by the general public. The latter half of the album are going to be released as three limited edition vinyl singles. But for now, here’s a peak at the unreleased part of Fab Four Suture.

MP3: Stereolab – Eye of the Volcano
Apparently Spin Magazine listed Stereolab as one of the top 50 most influential pop groups of all time. With songs like this, I can see why. “Eye of the Volcano” is a delightful float through some dreamy vocals. While it might not be the pop masterpiece that I was expecting from such a highly-lauded band, it’s most assuredly a treat for everyone from old Stereolab fans, to newcomers like me.

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I was just pointed towards this website that has a bunch of live videos. I suggest taking a peak at the Haley Bonar stuff. She’s talented and cute! How can you resist, guys?

If you haven’t already made your way over to Skatterbrain yet, I’d like to take this time to ask you one thing: “why not?” (Other) Matt posts the best stuff around, these days.

12 thoughts on “New Stereolab: “Eye of the Volcano””

  1. hey i said she was cute when you first posted on her! i went to her her website specifically for pictures haha.

    thanks for the love ;)

  2. Thanks for posting. Stereolab have always been/will always be masters of pop. This is no Emperor Tomato Ketchup, but follows nicely with their last three albums.

    And oh, this is coming from Vermont. At times we feel just as foreign.

  3. c’mon man…how u didn´t know stereolab?. (well, i don´t know most of the bands you write about)
    i only can tell you listen “emperor tomato ketchup” and the first records…there are more rockers…after ETK the band went more bossa nova and easy listening wave, but good the same.
    (greetings from Chile)

  4. You won’t find “pop masterpieces” in Stereolab’s work.

    Their albums are mostly difficult and require many listenings before yielding their greatness. My favorite by far is Transient Noiseburst with Announcements, followed by Emperor Tomato Ketchup and Dots and Loops. But I highly recommend all the “Switched On…” albums as well. Well, I have now just recommended about eight hours of listening…

  5. Thanks for posting new Stereolab. I’ve been a fan since their first album, Peng!, and have been waiting for something good since Cobra and Groop Phases (I wasn’t too crazy over their last two albums).

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