New Starlight Mints: “Inside Of Me”

I nearly broke into a cold sweat today when I saw that Barsuk had emailed me about the Starlight Mints. I just knew they were going to chew me out for putting up their new song “Sixteen Devils”. Turns out that they just wanted to let me know that today they put up the first officially released song from the album: “Inside of Me.”

MP3: Starlight Mints – Inside of Me
This song has a personality all of its own. At time’s it’s a wild, piano-driven swinger; but it also calms down nicely into a groovy tune that showcases Allan’s vocals. While this might be a bit of a shock to people who expected another Dream That Stuff Was Made, it’ll be a pleasant surprise to anyone who’s willing to give it the chance it deserves.

IMPORTANT: We’ll be undergoing some construction in the next couple days. Sorry if it looks screwy or won’t load or something wacky like that. If you could be patient, I promise that everything will work out in the end.

12 thoughts on “New Starlight Mints: “Inside Of Me””

  1. point the first: loving the features and bishop allen. thanks in big heaps.

    point the second: is there, somewhere, an mp3 copy of the so-called “rocket boy” remix of jose gonzales’ “heartbeats”? and does it have anything to do with liz phair (good, pre-avril-phase liz phair) or is this just wishful thinking?

  2. The Starlight Mints were the first 18+ concert I saw. I came for the opening band, The Umbrella Sequence, but stayed for Dressy Bessy (meh) and then these guys. They were sooooo good and fun and it was a blaaaast.

    Looking forward to the new release.

  3. The link will seem like its loading but then will say the website is empty. If someone could send it to me through AIM at skakore22 I would be forever grateful :)

  4. This and the previous track are great. I spoke with Andy Nunez the other night and the band is really excited about this spring’s tour. This time, their taking the kids and a nanny!

  5. Yeah I can’t access any of the songs on the blog site. I really want to though, so I’m angry..yarrr

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