New Starlight Mints: “Seventeen Devils”

Recent Barsuk signees, Starlight Mints, really impressed me with this one. I was a big fan of “Popsickle” and some assorted other tunes, but their new album, Drowaton, is miles beyond my expectations. This track is my favorite on the album, and will likely stay one of my favorites of 2006. Remember when I said that the new Islands song “I Feel Evil” just fiddled around until the awesome chorus kicked in? Well, “Seventeen Devils” is kinda like that–except the verses are catchy as well.

MP3: Starlight Mints – Seventeen Devils
Some catchy songs win you over through repeated listenings, as if your brain were a bucket that had to be filled one listen at a time. “Seventeen Devils” doesn’t need any accumulation to get stuck in your brain. It’s a one-shot trip. On my first time listening to the song, I was singing along. Granted, I didn’t know the words; but I acted like I did. But the fact that I was so compelled to sing along that I didn’t even stop to ask myself “should I wait until I learn the lyrics?” says volumes about the quality of this song.

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If anyone has a place in or around Louisville that The Metal Hearts could stay after their March 25th show, they’d be very thankful.

Page France will be recording an EP with Anathallo. More details as they surface.

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  1. I can’t believe I typed “Seventeen Ghosts” through that whole post. Wow. The file was even correctly labeled and everything. See? That’s why I need to pay someone to check these things lol

    Seriously though, thanks for catching that. My Journalism 101 prof would call that a “killer mistake” in editing.

  2. ANATHALLO has a new album out this Saturday!! They even have two songs available for download on their myspace!

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