Captain of Industry: “Greater Than Greater Than >>”

Confession time. Sometimes I use my WRFL DJ time to listen to songs that I didn’t get to check out during the week. Sometimes I get so caught up with my busy schedule of napping and going through the motions of attending class, that I forget I’m supposed to listen to albums that I get sent. Tonight my big discovery was that the new Captian of Industry album is really quite good.

MP3: Captain of Industry – Greater Than Greater Than >>
I hate to use Mates of States as a reference point again, but this song is somewhat similar to their writing style. Yes, it’s partially because it’s keyboard-based, but also because the melody is more catchy than malaria. These Dayton natives have crafted a song that’s full of stops, starts and change-ups. Now it’s up to us to just hang on and enjoy the ride.

I was shocked to find that I was out of the Lexington loop again. It looks like Eef Barzelay will be playing a free instore at CD Central on Thursday, Feb 23rd. I’m currently in love with his solo album, Bitter Honey, so I’ll be there with bells on. Be sure to check that link–he’s got a lot of other tour dates (including Louisville!).

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  1. Dude, did you ever announce the winners of that contest? What the heck ever happened to that? It’s been sometime, my friend.

  2. I announced the winner a LONG time ago, my friend. I take it that you didn’t win, because I also exchanged emails with the winner.

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