The Like Young

The Like Young are what Mates of State would sound like if they weren’t so darn cute. Cut out the organs and replace them with some guitar and you’re halfway there. This married couple (the similarities never end!) will be releasing their album entitled Last Secrets on Polyvinyl records on May 9th.

MP3: The Like Young – For Money or Love
Instrumentally, this song is pretty basic. It’s got some nonoffensive guitar and a simple bit of drumming. Nothing wrong with either of those things. After all, some of the best songs in the world are only a couple chords. My real problem, however, is that Joe tends to sound a little late-90s pop punk during the verses. I don’t know if it’s the melody or his vocal style, but it made me think of some bands that I’d rather not associate myself with. After managing to overlook this very minor detail, I found a good song buried underneath. Amanda’s vocals are a Godsend, and the song is pretty well put togther.

The Like Young on Myspace

All I’ll say about Sigur Ros until my review is that I’m pretty sure that’s the best concert I’ve ever attended. We couldn’t listen to music in the car on the ride home, because nothing could stand up to what we’d just experienced.

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  1. That’s Joe and Amanda, formerly of Wolfie/Busytoby fame. If you think his adenoidal vocals are bothersome now, you should listen to some of those early records.

  2., please, stop putting this crap on the blogs of note. Can you people really be this far off? Do you value obscurity over quality in your music selection? Jeez, what a bunch of worthless info. I cant stand when they trick me into clicking on some blog w/ a cool name and its garbage. Thanks again blogger! Oh, and cant wait for… Sigur Ros…? to, um, put out a new cd or something? Do they make music? I really dont know. Blogs of note, HA!

  3. I’ve only been around for a little over a year, Ekko. Give me some time. I’m sure I’ll let you down soon enough ;)

    Seriously though, thanks for the compliment. It made me smile almost as much as Batman’s obvious appreciation of different types of music.

  4. The Sigur Ros show was…indescribable. I know exactly what you are talking about, only I got to sleep on it and drive home in silence today. 4 hours back to Murray, Ky…every second was worth it. amazing.

  5. LOL. I love the idea of someone talking about Sigur Ros as some crazy obscure band. Maybe he was hoping for some news on Robbie Williams or something…

    ANYWAY I quite like The Like Young, I was a fan of the earlier Wolfie records

  6. I dont know who Robbie Williams is. Sorry if I came across as an a-hole, but Ive just never heard of any of these bands that you people talk about here. Is it a certain type of music or something? I like 10 years, Avenged Sevenfold… how ’bout some news on them? Whatever, its yer blog, sorry if I yelled, it was directed at, not the blogger himself. I think that blogs of note should be featuring blogs that appeal to a mass amount of people, not some small group of obscure music fans. Peace be w/ you, brotha!

  7. matt, i think i saw sigur ros the day before you did, in cincy. i had very very high expectations and they were more than exceeded. even by the opening band Amina. did you catch them? i see some of them in the background of your picture.

    but yes, that, my first sigur ros show, was one of my favorites concets ever; top 10 easily.

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