Sure Juror: “The Drive Will Do You Good”

You know that feeling when you stumble across a good band? It’s something that just makes you feel good all over, and sometimes can restore your dwindling faith in music. Sure Juror gave me that special feeling earlier this week.

MP3: Sure Juror – The Drive Will Do You Good
I love it when genres can bleed over into one another. Sure, songs that fall squarely into one niche are just fine and dandy; but the bands who incorporate different elements into their work are the ones that usually capture my ear. Sure Juror manage to smash elements of rock with a little dash of jazz to form “The Drive Will Do You Good.” Not only do they have a good little combination of drums and guitar, but they really make good use of a couple other elements. Their bass is on a constant trip around the fretboard–which actually unites the song more than you might think. Also, they’ve got a wonderful piano part that absolutely makes this song the gem that it is.

Sure Juror on Myspace

Don’t forget that I DJ at WRFL tonight. If you happen to be awake at 3-6am EST, feel free to tune in.

16 thoughts on “Sure Juror: “The Drive Will Do You Good””

  1. Hey, I like your blog alot. I feel like all of the indie hoopla, or alot of it bands anyway, can’t write songs at all. I really appreciate the emphasis on well-crafted songs here. Thanks alot. I love the RIYL idea by the way.

  2. that photo is so homo erotic it makes my butt hurt. note to bands: you don’t have to be wearing sequins and glitter to look like a product. indie hair is to dreamy looks as man perms is to crotch stuffing.

  3. you just keep getting cuter and cuter. my biggest problem with your comments is your attacks on our integrity. the picture aside (afterall, its just a fucking picture), what in the one song that you heard makes you feel that we are contrived? if it’s the production, you’re a bigger douche than im giving you credit for.

  4. just wanted to quickly apologize for getting so confrontational in earlier posts. just a little tired, i guess. i want to extend my thanks to everyone for their support. its been a rough year but your kind words(pardon the cliche) have made it all worthwhile. and to whomever posted about tony hale, you’ll forever have a place in our hearts. thanks again.

  5. tommy,
    I don’t do photojournalist work. Everything I do is completely contrived. Don’t go around accusing bands who are DIY and put their own money into recording and self promotion before eating and hygene of being a product. Most of what I do is homo eroctic and I would love to make your ignorant butt hurt even more.


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