The Sunspots

So tired. Our plans to see Matt Pond PA fell through at the last minute. Thankfully Sigur Ros is still on for tonight. If you see a kid with shaggy hair and a big nose, who is taking photos every 10 seconds…that’s me.

MP3: The Sunspots – Carmen
Sadly, I’m tired and need to finish studying. That’s the one downside to be a 19-year-old blogger. Tests, tests, tests. On the plus side, there are the 19-year-old blogger groupies (HA!). But yeah, let me steal a common press kit tactic: the “recommended if you like”

RIYL: We Are Scientists, The Futureheads, Thunderbirds Are Now!

The Sunspots on Myspace

Dreams of Horses has a “new” Fiery Furnaces song.

6 thoughts on “The Sunspots”

  1. Haha it’s true, life as a 19-yr old blogger is rough, I just graduated to the 20 mark, and don’t worry, the groupies just get better and better! And I also fall into the catergory of “shaggy-haired kid” taking photos every 10 secs. Except my camera broke, so now I just dance.

  2. If I saw someone taking a picture every ten seconds at a concert I would smash their camera into their face.

  3. Tests are the downside to being human. grrrrr haha. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  4. Damn, y’all are just chirrun. I hit 25 a couple months ago, and believe me, it doesn’t get any easier. Anyway, you have great shit now. I can only imagine where you’ll be six years down the road – if blogs still exist.

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