Bound Stems: “Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone”

So yeah, apparently Blogger ate my post about The Sunspots. Now I have to go find the link again and rewrite the whole thing. Thanks Blogger! So because I hadn’t planned on having another post today, I’ll tap into my reserves and use this great song from Bound Stems. Thanks to Matt from Skatterbrain for suggesting them to me a couple months ago. He’s been a big supporter of them and was probably the direct cause of them being voted Spin Magazine’s “Band of the Month” for March 06.

MP3: Bound Stems – Wake Up
This song kicks off like a cross between Arcade Fire (subtle, beautiful build-up) and any Saddle Creek band (talking, and random dialogue). But where Bound Stems set themselves apart from the other weirdo-rock at the moment is with their understanding of what makes a good song. “Wake Up…” has not only a good melody and instrumentation, but the little things as well. At the 1:35 mark, it enters into one of my favorite bridges in a new song. It enhances the song without breaking the flow.

EDIT: Found my Sunspots post! Thanks to some kind readers for sending me some info to help in my quest.

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  1. blogger didn’t eat your sunspots post…it’s down below the jason forrest post. haha. have fun at sigur ros, i can’t wait to see them next week.

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