New Of Montreal: “Micro-University”

This is the title track off Of Montreal’s new 7″, Micro-University. It’s better than their two new songs from the tour EP, but still quite weird. Thankfully weird works for Of Montreal.

MP3: Of Montreal – Micro-University
Whereas the other track on the 7″, “Christian Son,” is an acoustic tune that wouldn’t be out of place on Aldhils or Satanic Panic, it’s tough for me to place “Micro-University.” Maybe this is an indicator as to how the next album might sound? All I know is it’s partially a departure, and partially a return to form. It’s refreshing to know that Kevin’s not taking the band in a weird direction, like the tour EP might indicate. He is continuing to step out from his comfort zone, though. Luckily for us, he hasn’t lost his touch yet.

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Obligatory Of Montreal Joke: Do you think The Miniature Philosopher teaches at the Micro-University?

7 thoughts on “New Of Montreal: “Micro-University””

  1. Ugh. And yet another boring song from Of Montreal.

    It wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination for me to say that Of Montreal is my favorite band, but they’re certainly going downhill as of recent. First, with Satanic Panic, and next with The Sunlandic Twins.

    The only decent song they’ve put out recently is whatever the one with noir and tinnitus was called. Even though most people dislike it.

    Of Montreal makes me sad. I’d like to think that they’ll make another Coquelicot, but that’s doubtful. Instead, they’ll pump out an album catchy, uninspired electronic dance-pop every year, and enjoy all of their success.

  2. Why have the album titles I wrote been downed to “/*?

    In order, it should say Satanic Panic in the Attic, The Sunlandic Twins, and Coquelicot.

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