Jason Forrest: “War Photographer”

Thanks to Blogger and Lexington’s ABC news network for linking to me/featuring me in the past day. I’ve seen a lot of new names pop up in the comments, and a lot of people emailing me for the first time. Hopefully I won’t drop the ball now that the pressure’s on. All I know is that, if I do drop it, it won’t be because of this song. I highly suggest it.

MP3: Jason Forrest – War Photographer
Say you like apples. They’re your favorite fruit by a fairly wide margin. You also like oranges a little bit, but not nearly as much as apples. So naturally you would always reach for the apple, right? Wrong. If you don’t have any varity, eventually you’ll get burned out on apples. One day you’ll wake up and not even want to see another apple. That’s when oranges start to look pretty good.

Jason Forrest is an orange. Not literally, of course. It’s just that after wading through a sea of Myspace bands, my ears embraced his uniqueness like he was the only citrus left in the bowl. “War Photographer” is a aural delight. It starts off deceptively, with jerky drumming and some clapping. But then we get the signal. Some far-off guitar in the right channel heralds one of the most rocking instrumentals that I’ve heard in a long time. Not only is it rocking, but it’s organic. It changes, it moves, it flows. The most incredible thing, though, is that it forms a picture without speaking even a single word. Can’t you just see it now? The guitars doing battle while trumpets blast a melody right in your ear. It’s almost like the Go Team! are having a fight with Four Tet.

I can’t highly suggest the music video for “War Photographer” enough. It’s something special.

STG’s new Said the Guests edition: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Yesterday Other Matt from Skatterbrain and I both posted things from the BBC. He did Mogwai. If you live in Kentucky, don’t forget that they’ll be at The Dame on March 3rd.

The trailer for Special looks okay. Guy takes a drug that he thinks gives him super powers, when in reality the only side-effect is that it makes him think that. Could be good, I guess.

I can’t stop listening to the Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian.” Send help.

25 thoughts on “Jason Forrest: “War Photographer””

  1. Best I could have offered you in recovering from the Bangles would have been “Walk with an Erection” by The Swinging Erudites, but since that’s circa 1988, and not widely released, it is was pretty much a vinyl-only affair. I sold off my copy the last time I moved.

    “All the girls in the office, they say: Hard On, Hard On! Beg your pardon …”

  2. This is a great blog!this orange (i love to flatter myself) sugests u listen to ‘walk like an egyption’ till ur mind gets tired and welcomes anything else other than a song by the Bangles.

    Pssst…love ur boots on the blog :)

  3. I love it! :) This page is a great resource for those of us who cant afford to buy all the music in the world. But hey, arnt some of these songs illegal?


  4. Oh Yah.

    The War Photographer video wins my vote for the best of the year so far, but I’m sure that it must have taken months and months to make.

    Like you, I slipped today and started listening to a track by the audience. Only difference is that I made the mistake of posting about it! Any help would be welcomed at …

    the face of today

    ! Ta

  5. I like how you feature artist that I have not heard before. Have you heard of Mat Kearney (matkearney.com). His music is really unique!

  6. i don’t know if you’re trying harder because of all the new traffic but that orange rant was god damn awful. really, it was bad.

  7. I used to listen to Walk Like an Egyptian when I was 6 or 7 and walk in squares around our Oriental rug doing my hands like the ancient Egyptians…

  8. About the suggestion that orange rant might be awful, mm, I might put in question the diet of this person, because man, that happens to me all the time with the apples and such. Ugh, no more, appeal is completely gone, do *away* with the apples.
    And maybe not an orange, but a pineapple or the more exotic papaya might quell the buds.
    Mmyeah, Forrest is certainly this sort of remedy.
    I’ll check the vid, thanks.

  9. all the cops in the donut shop say….

    Have you heard Jason Forrest’s song “My 36 Favorite Punk Songs”? IN-sane, and fun. I think you’d like it. By some karmic blogging connection, I posted it on my blog today. Sheck it out.

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