Two Gallants on BBC Radio 1 (inl. New Song)

Two Gallants have been tearing through the indie community lately. What with the release of their new album, What the Toll Tells, and a string of successful live shows, it seems like they won’t be stopping any time soon. One kind reader sent in a treat that I think you all might like. This is TG’s appearange on Steve Lamacq’s BBC radio show. For my US readers, think of him like a British version of Nick Harcourt. If you don’t feel like investing your bandwidth (it’s only 22mb), I uploaded their new song that they played on the show, “Reflection of the Marionette.”

MP3: Two Gallants – Reflection of the Marionette
What underrated lyricists. “I don’t want to see you fall / I just want to see you fail” That might very well be my favorite line written so far in 2006. My only complaint is that it sounds a bit close to a lot of their other material. Some of their verses kinda blend together from song to song. I guess it’s not all bad, though. I mean, if I had two dozen good songs that sounded similar, I’d still be pleased as punch.

ZIP: Two Gallants @ Lamacq Live, BBC Radio 1 (2/6/06)
01 Intro
02 Nothing To You
03 “First track tonight…”
04 Interview 1
05 Steady Rollin’
06 Interview 2
07 Reflection of the Marionette
08 Outro

Oh, so that news program thing. If you didn’t read earlier, I got interviewed by Lexington’s ABC news affiliate yesterday and they did a 3-4 minute segment on my website. It was very cool, but also pretty surreal. I mean really, YANP on the news? The only thing I learned (and my friends agree) is that I need a haircut (recent photo). The station did a pretty good job splicing and composing the feature. Though, they kicked it off with one of my weirder quotations: “A lot of people call me Mr. Picasso” Cute huh? Anyway, if you know me in real life and would like to see it, I taped it and would be glad to laugh at it with you. For the rest of you, here’s a link to their website mention of it.

Skatterbrain has a sweet artist discovery: Jenny Owen Youngs. I wish my initials spelled “JOY”

Are you a fan of Of Montreal? I thought so. If you’re like me, you’ll be quite excited by this sale. OM’s 7″, Microuniversity for only $7. After doing some quick math, I figured out that they’re only charging you one dollar per inch. Sounds like a good deal if I’ve ever heard one.

Are you still a fan of Of Montreal? Okay, seriously though So Much Silence has their very recent KCRW instudio performance.

The Duke Spirit have a great contest going on. You can enter to win a pair of tickets to see one of their shows. If you don’t particularly care, maybe you’d like to know that they’re opening for Ted Leo. If you love me, you won’t to win tickets for their Newport show (just kidding–enter away).

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  1. I think it’s tyson’s part in the verse like after the line, “by slitting every throat along the way” that makes the song for me, I wish I knew what he was saying.

  2. Hey, I just found your site through the Blogs of Note. I found it a little freaky that we’re both wearing green Ted Leo shirts in our profile pics (not the same style though). I signed up for the contest (good thing I haven’t bought tickets yet), but in Chicago (sorry!). You should come to the Chicago show though, it’s not That far away, and it’s on a Friday. Great blog…

  3. Hey matt, Congrats on the blog of note and the bloggie nomination. I was thinking we should definitely exchange links I keep bumping into you ain’t no picasso alot, yesterday motel de moka was also a blog of note and to my surprise today I found your blog there. Happened the same things on the bloggies… anyway I’ll start linking here.
    Great job on the Andrew Bird interview, check out the motel this weekend I’ll be interviewing Man man, hopefully you’ll like it.

  4. a bit of writing advice, as a newspape rjournalist, i have been aware that audience is everything. you need some random pieces to attract different groups of people.
    I enjoyed the entries that you wrote. very good, very good indeed.
    By the way, kudos on the blogs of note. that takes a good blog to make it happen.

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