Valentines Day Mixes: Pro-Love

Sorry this is going up so much later than expected. Something weird came up. Anyway, here’s the Yin to the earlier mix’s Yang. The plus side is that I think my blog and I are going to be on tv (11pm news on ABC, for those of you in Lexington), but the downside is that I don’t have time to talk about each of these songs. Oh well, I’m sure you’re sick of my jabbering. On to the music!

(Oh, and because these mixes are taking up a lot of space on my server, they’ll most likely be down within the week.)

The Pro-Love Mix

01 MP3: Belle and Sebastian – If You Find Yourself Caught in Love
02 MP3: Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me
03 MP3: The Beatles – When I’m Sixty Four
04 MP3: Feist – Mushaboom
05 MP3: The Features – The Idea of Growing Old
06 MP3: Jesus and Mary Chain – My Girl
07 MP3: Jim Guthrie – You Are Far (Do You Exist?)
08 MP3: Jump Little Children – The Way They Dance
09 MP3: Magnetic Fields – Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing
01 MP3: Mountain Goats – Love Love Love
10 MP3: Page France – So Sweetly
11 MP3: Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
12 MP3: Postal Service – Such Great Heights
13 MP3: Sam and Dave – Hold On, I’m Coming
14 MP3: TMBG – Another First Kiss
15 MP3: Wilco – I’m the Man Who Loves You

27 thoughts on “Valentines Day Mixes: Pro-Love”

  1. is “here comes your man” a love song? i always thought it was an answer to the velvet underground’s “i’m waiting for the man”…

  2. here comes your man isn’t an answer to the VU song, its about the bombing of nagasaki.

    the ‘bockscar’ was the name of the plane that dropped the ‘fat man’ atomic bomb.

    great song choices though.

  3. That was pretty well done. I wish they hadn’t used the “build a house out of CDs” quotation though lol

    Also, I have no idea if it’s a love song. I got pressed for time and had to put up my first ideas :(

  4. i think there’s something weird happening every 5 seconds on the belle and sebastian song. could you please post a cleaner copy if you have it? thanks!

  5. at least 3 of those songs were on the mix I made for my boy for V Day. Another first kiss is our song! (though the live one is way better)

    Good job!

  6. SGH is from their KCRW performance. I didn’t have the album version and it sounded good to me.

    Also, I’m surprised that no one called me on the fact that it says “Page France – Rythym/So Sweetly” I couldn’t pick between the songs, so that’s what my original list said. I must’ve forgotten to change it.

  7. I always took The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man as a response to The Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man. Something about that “You never wait so long” seemed to update “First thing you learn is you always got to wait”.

  8. Thanks for the tunes. I think this alone might give this blog a spot on my blogroll. The JAMC My Girl is a whole new view of the song and I love it! Thanks.

  9. “There’s a dead man in my bed”
    Nick Cave, could be a metaphor, or a necrophiliacs lament. Sorry this is so late. Could write many more ideas, Tom waits does plenty as well. Cynically yours

  10. unrelated but sort of. how do you post music files?

    i’ve got an illustration blog and it’d be super cool to put music with some pieces every once in a while.

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