New Kite Flying Society: “Groundflower”

So I was up until 5am last night trying to finish some Journalism stuff. I’m kinda tired. Thankfully I got emailed this new song by KFS so that I don’t have to actually search for something good to post. It’s always nice when quality songs land in my inbox.

MP3: Kite Flying Society – Groundflower
I think Kite Flying Society are liars. Rather than being their new song, I’m pretty sure “Groundflower” is actually some rejected Sufjan Stevens project. Don’t get me wrong; this doesn’t cross the line into “rip off” territory. It’s just that this song is really that beautiful. But then again, I guess it’d be hard not to write a great song with twin acoustic guitars and some wonderful, breathy vocals. Tell me you don’t get a little shiver at the one minute mark.

Kite Flying Society on Myspace (I highly suggest downloading “6000 Shipwrecks”)

So today I got my extended copy of Belle and Sebastian’s new album, The Life Pursuit. The DVD is nothing short of wonderful. They play six new songs at the BBC, and do a great job with it. Take my advice and order yourself a copy today (only $14 for the CD/DVD pack)

Bogus Las Vegas Radiohead show sells out?

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  1. I love that “GROUNDFLOWER”song and other songs that you posted as files. envy your passion on music.. from Korea

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